I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your classes. They are magical, and it’s clear that you are doing exactly what you should be doing in life. Your insights are so deep and soulful, and I really do appreciate you sharing your many gifts with all of us.
— Patricia (2018)
Hi Shonali! Just wanted to take a moment to say hello and offer a great BIG thank you. I’ve taking the leap of faith and left my 20 year career and then moved VA. It has been an joyous adventure... As I slowly integrate into this yoga community I’ve found that it is your class, teaching style and open heart that I miss the most (not to mention your playlists). I so appreciate that I was able to practice with you over the years. Thank you for that gift.
— Tonya (2018)
I am 70 years old. Shonali’s therapeutic guidance over the last three years has simply transformed my ability to manage the difficulties associated with arthritic joints. Mere days after undergoing a total knee replacement, my physical therapist attributed much of my rapid recovery to Shonali’s teaching. The therapist recommended Shonali’s “yoga breathing” for anyone who contemplated joint surgery. I know for sure that following Shonali’s advice to “breathe into the tight spots” has enabled me to regain not only my mobility, but also to loosen up those emotional “tight spots” which trouble us all.
— Private client (2017)
I just wanted to (finally) follow up to say thank you! I have no feedback other than it was beyond my expectations and it truly changed my life. I am a completely different and HAPPY person!! You’ve definitely made my gratitude list! Your work at the retreat was truly transformational and I cannot thank you enough.
— After a week long retreat with Shonali in Tulum, Mexico (2016)
People are talking about your classes and how loving our community is...Thanks for being part of our family. You are so appreciated.
— From a studio owner where Shonali teaches (2016)
Dear Shonali, I wanted to express my gratitude for a lovely class. I valued your clear directions and calming presence. I found your singing/chanting particularly reassuring. It touched my heart. I look forward to being with you again to explore the practice of yoga.
— Pax
Much thanks for a beautiful class. Thanks for being a blessing to so many. You are a beautiful person and teacher, an inspiration to me.
— Student
Do you offer private teaching? I’m feeling so moved to bring my yoga practice deeper on all levels and your guidance and spirit in just the few times I’ve sat in on your classes has resonated with me and I feel inspired to ask.
— Student
I took your prenatal classes at Decatur Hot Yoga over the last few months. Your classes really helped me throughout labor and I think that keeping active has helped me with a quick and easy recovery! I don’t think I would have made it sans epidural without all of the coaching on using breath to get through the pain (back labor hurts!) so thank you so much for all of the great advice It definitely made a world of difference, especially in the last couple of hours.
— Christine (2014)
I recently moved to Atlanta and needed to pick up yoga again to calm my mind and help me through the move and transition. Starting yoga up again after a long period can feel daunting. Shonali took away the fear and gently eased me into a strong regular practice that has helped me tremendously both physically and mentally.After a 90 minute class with Shonali, I always walk away calmed, strengthened, and inspired. She has such a loyal following because she bestows on her students a sense of true ownership: the practice is really ours and she is the guide that helps us stretch into our own spaces and then, beyond.
— Stephanie (2013)
In four sessions, spaced over a period of several weeks, Shonali worked with me to develop an individualized therapeutic practice of breath work, postures and chanting focused on releasing tension, loosening areas of restriction and building strength in my neck and shoulders. This practice has helped me find increased physical freedom and a greater sense of calm and ease on and off the mat. My yoga therapy work with Shonali enabled me to finally develop a consistent home practice and has given me the insight to make more modifications in group practices that honor my own body. Thanks, Shonali, for helping to move forward in my yoga journey and find a deeper level of practice! Namaste.
— Gail (2013)
I would like to recommend Shonali highly as a candidate to be a yoga therapist. I know Shonali as a sensitive, capable and creative yoga teacher. She has amassed over 600 hours of teacher training and at least as much as a yoga teacher in New York and here in Paris. She has taught at my yoga centre and continues to teach small group and predominantly private classes preferring to work one on one with her students. I know her students are very fond of her and she of them and so she wishes to enhance and further her training in the realm of yoga therapy so that she can be of even more assistance as a yoga teacher and therapist. Shonali will be a wonderful contribution to your program.”
— Michelle (2006)