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Dirty South Yoga Fest (July 20 - July 22)

Evoke Ma Durga Through Chant & Asana

Join Shonali in a unique practice honoring Goddess Durga. Ma Durga is a powerful central goddess figure in the Hindu tradition, and it is said that by chanting her name her attributes are brought forward within the practitioner and into the world. Durga uses her great power to fight negative forces in the world and protect her people from evil. Inspired by Shonali's studies with TKV Desikachar, a specific series of postures will be linked to a Durga mantra. The practice is aimed at development of breath, focus and energy expansion. The layering of your own voice with your asana practice brings forth a unique quality of presence and empowerment. This will be a multi-dimensional practice, additionally incorporating 7 chakra energy centers. The effects of this type of practice are centering and powerful.

Later Event: July 27
Full Moon Flow + Ritual