Mantra MA!

"Shining Lokah" Is Available For Download!!

Shonali Banerjee + Jocelyn Rose (of Dhvani) share their voices & hearts, chanting sacred mantras in Sanskrit & English. In special seasonal workshops, engulf yourself in Mantra Ma's blissfully healing live vocal harmonies while releasing deeply into supported restorative & gentle yoga postures. (no previous experience with yoga required.) Or come experience an evening of pure chanting, allowing Mantra Ma's divine voices to wash through you as you listen, entering a deeply meditative healing space. Join your own voice in sacred song to explore the powerful transformational potential chanting offers. Always rooted in truth, love, abundance, and gratitude, Mantra Ma is pure sweetness!!

You'll always find Shonali and Jocelyn chanting at the beginning and end of their regularly scheduled yoga classes around Atlanta.

check out this write up from the Bhakti Beat after our performance at Chantlanta 2013.

Chanting Events Coming Up

November 11 at 7pm @ VISTA YOGA

~ Mandala of the Sacred Feminine ~ 
Flower Yantra Creation facilitated by international yoga teacher Rachel Zinman + Mantra Offerings by Shonali Banerjee, Johanna Beekman, Rachel Zinman & friends!

We are raising the energy vibration of the Sacred Feminine. Working with fresh flower petals, as a community, infused by live chanting, guided by visiting international yoga teacher Rachel Zinman, we will create a flower yantra to anchor us all to our Hearts. A Yantra or mandala is a potent tool for transformation, meditation and liberation. By creating this yantra together, we celebrate our individual & community potential to face fierce truths, to transform ourselves with grace & humility, and for love & understanding to reign supreme. Our work together will help us to recognize each other as powerful and unique so we may transcend cultural, racial and religious boundaries.

The creation of the yantra will be framed by the chanting of mantras guided by Atlanta’s own, Shonali Banerjee. Shonali will be joined by a very special visiting guest, Johanna Beekman and Rachel contributes her vast experience with mantra to the mix, completing this feminine triumvirate. Gershone & Krishna, Stephanie from Blue Spirit Wheel and Sydney from One Voice will also be lending their super charged musical support to round out and expand the potent vibrations. With Vista Yoga celebrating 8 years, you can expect a very special evening in a beautiful community. Please, be present!

$30 in advance, $35 at the door (discount applies at checkout)

Rachel Zinman has been practicing since 1983, teaching since 1992 and teaching teachers since 2000. She’s studied with some of the most influential teachers in the west including Alan Finger and Mark Whitwell as well as immersing herself in the study of Advaita Vedanta in the lineage of Shankacharya in India. She also hosts her own teacher training courses, workshops and retreats in इष्टम् ISHTAM with her partner, John Weddepohl in Australia, Europe and South Africa. A professional dancer from a young age, a singer/songwriter, award winning musician, published poet and best selling author. She is currently completing her first book on Yoga for Diabetes, sharing her own journey of being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as an adult and how yoga and ayurveda can help anyone living with diabetes to thrive. She writes for many online and in print magazines including Australian Yoga Journal and Australian Yoga Life.

Johanna Beekman is a multi-genre recording artist, sacred songstress, yoga teacher, and kirtan artist. She is loved for her rich, soulful voice, radiant spirit, and evocative, inspiring songs. Johanna’s devotional music springs from her roots in gospel, blue-eyed soul, and world music. Her introduction to the sacred art of chanting began at a young age with Krishna Das and Ram Dass. This has born fruit in recent years as she has dedicated her life to the path of yoga and chant. She created Lullaby Yoga, a unique fusion of dreamy chants and restorative and yin yoga. She also offers world-inspired gospel-infused kirtan for festivals, yoga studios, and churches across the country.

Shonali Banerjee Since 1995 Shonali has found solace, strength & expansion through yoga.  Shonali was 500 hour certified in 2002 in NYC with Alan Finger's ISHTA yoga program. After moving to Paris, France in 2004, Shonali did further study in India & Europe focusing on therapeutics & women's issues with TKV Desikachar and taught yoga full time.  Shonali relocated to Atlanta in 2010 and completed another 500 hour training with the Pranakriya Yoga school and is now a certified Yoga Therapist.  You'll find Shonali singing during her classes to access the power of sacred song & chant. Shonali has also been honored to teach prisoners prenatal yoga through Centering Youth, a local non-profit bringing yoga to under-served populations throughout Atlanta.

Shonali Banerjee (of Mantra Ma!)

Shonali has been singing and dancing since she first wiggled her way out of the womb. From the moment she could reach the keys, she studied classical piano. She enjoyed the spotlight so much that she made her way to Syracuse University, where she received her B.F.A. in Drama. Upon moving to NYC in 1998, Shonali discovered the healing powers of yoga and chanting. Chanting greatly supported Shonali while she was shifting away from the world of acting. Thanks to many years with a wondrous group of soul-seekers who were actively involved in exploring chants from a multitude of traditions, Shonali's immersion into the world of chanting became life-altering. You can find Shonali chanting mystical harmonies with Jocelyn Rose in a partnership they now call Mantra MA! Shonali is grateful to Jocelyn and the amazing teachers and healers she's connected with who have shared so much. To the vibrant growing Atlanta chanting community, and all lovers of chanting, namaste!!