chanting: sacred sound healing

Shonali offers chanting of sacred sound in yoga classes, workshops, concerts, special events,for special occasions & in many other special ways.


Shonali has been singing and dancing since she first wiggled her way out of the womb. From the moment she could reach the keys, she studied classical piano. She enjoyed the spotlight so much that she made her way to Syracuse University, where she received her B.F.A. in Drama. Upon moving to NYC in 1998, Shonali discovered the healing powers of yoga and chanting. Chanting greatly supported Shonali while she was shifting away from the world of acting. Thanks to many years with a wondrous group of soul-seekers who were actively involved in exploring chants from a multitude of traditions, Shonali's immersion into the world of chanting became life-altering. You can find Shonali chanting mystical harmonies with Jocelyn Rose in a partnership they called Mantra MA! Shonali is grateful to Jocelyn and the amazing teachers and healers she's connected with who have shared so much. To the vibrant growing Atlanta chanting community, and all lovers of chanting, namaste!!

Mantra MA!


"Shining Lokah" Is Available For Download!!

Shonali Banerjee + Jocelyn Rose (of Dhvani) share their voices & hearts, chanting sacred mantras in Sanskrit & English. In special seasonal workshops, engulf yourself in Mantra Ma's blissfully healing live vocal harmonies while releasing deeply into supported restorative & gentle yoga postures. (no previous experience with yoga required.) Or come experience an evening of pure chanting, allowing Mantra Ma's divine voices to wash through you as you listen, entering a deeply meditative healing space. Join your own voice in sacred song to explore the powerful transformational potential chanting offers. Always rooted in truth, love, abundance, and gratitude, Mantra Ma is pure sweetness!!